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"Cindy has the ability to be firm, accurate and truthful in an extremely supportive way."
-G. Cooper, author

"No one could have critiqued my latest book, Intimacy, Change, and Other Therapeutic Mysteries, with such inspiration, acumen and kindness. Cindy helped  bring out the best that I could do, and we had fun all the way through."
-David Treadway, author

"Cindy provides support, structure, and encouragement through her probing questions and affirming understanding of what it means to write."
-B. Dunn, Nebraska Writing Group

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The Liberated Writer: Overcoming Writer’s Block, 50 minutes, $24.95
Discover the whys of writer’s block and get the practical tools to help you overcome it.
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Each Audio recording offers concrete solutions to writing problems.
$6.97 each or $18 for all three

Three Myths that Cripple, 7 minutes, $6.97
Don’t let misconceptions about writing keep you stuck.
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How To Get Started Writing, 6 minutes, $6.97
Start your writing life on a firm foundation.
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More Writing, Less Anxiety, 7 minutes, $6.97
Get free of anxiety so you can be a prolific writer.
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Best Deal! All three recordings, Three Myths that Cripple, How to Get Started Writing and More Writing, Less Anxiety, only $18.00
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