Want help writing your book?


Writing a book or article is harder than you’d think. It can feel like scaling a mountain with your fingernails. 

Writing Problems Are Inevitable

Do you have a book or article inside you that hasn’t seen the light of day? A nonfiction or fiction book about your life, your career, your convictions, your memories? What's keeping your book hidden

If you’ve tried to write, you already know that writing isn't easy. Beginning and actually finishing  a book or an article requires writing skills, writing techniques, time, and determination. 

Where can you get help writing? Turn to a writing coach with 25-years experience helping professionals in their fields write. Choose a writing mentor who knows good writing inside out. 

Make It Easy on Yourself—My Introductory Special 

I've worked with writers for 25 years. I know the writing problems you face and how to solve them. As your writing coach, I will help you through any stage of writing your manuscript. Why struggle alone? 

I want you to have confidence in the writing coach you choose. That's why I offer you my Introductory Special

Most coaches charge up to $200 for one session of coaching and require clients to commit to a minimum of 6 weeks of coaching. That's a big risk when you don't know what you’re getting. 

That's why I offer you 2 sessions of coaching about your book or article with no obligation for more sessions. And instead of paying $200-400, you get 2 hours of coaching for only $75, total

Call me, Cindy Barrilleaux, to set up your 2-session Introductory Special:


Write Your Best

Editing and Writing Coaching by Cindy Barrilleaux

What others are saying: 

“Cindy is amazing. A seasoned pro, she took the time to 'get' my vision and has respected and supported it throughout. Her willingness to question my thinking added significantly to the substantive quality of my writing. Cindy has facilitated an emergence rather than a makeover.”

-Jeff Garson, therapist, author of “Radical Decency” blog

“I coach people to get the books published and have referred many of them to Cindy.  They have all benefitted greatly from her work.  Cindy is kind and easy to work with and knows her stuff. She’s a good editor and writing coach to help people get their writing projects organized and completed.  Plus she’s an all-around good human being.”
-Bill O’Hanlon

“Cindy is the world's best editor/writing coach and she’s lots of fun to work with.” 
-David Treadway

“You have turned a rock into a river.  I thank you from the bottom of my heart for your guidance, sophistication, and encouragement.”
-David Feinstein