Write Your Best

Editing and Writing Coaching by Cindy Barrilleaux

"Cindy taught me how to write with truth and integrity.  It is thrilling to know that after all these years I am finally a “real” writer.  Cindy’s coaching brought my dream to life."
-Tina Lemke

"Cindy facilitated a process that stretched and strengthened my writing skills.  Her coaching style helped me focus more on what I could do and not on what I feared I could not do.  With her coaching and editing, my writing has become more clear, creative and organized."
-Maria Fleshood

“Thanks to Cindy Barrilleaux, wordsmith and believer in my book, for not letting me collapse all those times I was exasperated.”
-Acknowledgement by Sally Palaian,  author, Spent

“Cindy Barrilleaux’ editing of my book was nothing short of a miracle.  No rock was big enough to conceal from you poor thought content, mushy phrases, or just plain bad sentence structure. She is a gritty, tenacious, exquisite and delightful editor.”
-Karen Lansing

“I would not have been able to get my book done without Cindy’s invaluable suggestions and support.”
-Micheline Cote

“Cindy, thanks so much for your expertise in every regard. You are a master at what you do!!!  and the best teacher I have ever had.”
-Betsy Bergquist

“Cindy provides support, structure, and encouragement through her probing questions and affirming understanding of what it means to write.”
-JoAnn Young

"I thank Cindy for her incredible support and believing way before I did that I can write. She kept me inn my vision, always providing ways to turn discouragement into something positive and growthful. Her sense of timing and knowing what was appropriate was awesome!"
-Carl Anderson

"Cindy has a serious focus mixed with a sense of playfulness that somehow makes it easier to approach a daunting task."

-Vicki Baker

Recommended Books

On Writing Well, 30th Anniversary Edition: The Classic Guide to Writing Nonfiction William K. Zinsser
Enjoyable must-read for everyone who writes. If you read only one book on the craft of writing, read this one.

Elements of Grammar by Margaret Shertzer
Easy-to-use concise book on basic rules of grammar and usage.

The Elements of Style, Fourth Edition by William Strunk & E. B. White
There's a reason it's the classic on clear writing.

On Writing by Stephen King
Inspiring and practical combination of memoir and writing instruction.

Write Is a Verb: Sit Down, Start Writing, No Excuses by Bill O'Hanlon
Clear, no-nonsense advice about starting and keeping going as a writer.

Writing About Your Life: A Journey into the Past by William K. Zinsser
On memoir, by a master of the art.

Bird by Bird: Some Instructions on Writing and Life by Anne Lamott
Essays on what the writing life is really like. Sometimes funny, sometimes painful.

Writers on Writing: Collected Essays from The New York Times by The New York Times
Fascinating essays by successful writers about their writing lives and difficulties

Write the Perfect Book Proposal: 10 That Sold and Why, 2nd Edition by Jeff Herman
A classic, with excellent examples of successful proposals.

The Complete Idiot's Guide to Getting Published, by Sheree Bykofsky
Clear, concise instructions on every aspect of getting published.

Page After Page by Heather Sellers
Encourages new writers to fall in love with writing.

Poemcrazy: Freeing Your Life with Words by Susan G. Wooldridge
Delightful book about the joy of words and word combinations.

The Paris Review Interviews, I by The Paris Review
Learn from those who have come before. Interesting interviews with the great writers.

Getting the Words Right: 39 Ways to Improve Your Writing by Theodore Cheney
Learn how to revise your manuscript effectively.

Recommended Websites

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Good Reading


Books by Clients

The Rite of Return: Coming Back from Duty-Induced PTSD by Karen Lansing
Intimacy, Change, and Other Therapeutic Mysteries: Stories of Clinicians and Clients by David Treadway
Home Before Dark: A Family Portrait of Cancer and Healing by David Treadway and Kate Treadway
Anxiety Disorders: The Go-To Guide for Clients and Therapists by Carolyn Daitch
Anxious in Love by Carolyn Daitch and Lissah Lorberbaum
Grace-Filled Divorce by Melody Bacon
Once Upon a Wounded Heart by Lawrence Green
Transforming Traumatic Grief by Courtney Armstrong
The Psychology of Influence in Practice by Marvin Snider
Hypnobirth by Yulia Watters
The Savvy Career Counselor by Karen James Chopra 
Gut Feelings by Linda Kriger
Up the Hill to Baker River School by Betsy Smith Bergquist
Why Don’t You Understand by Karen Gail Lewis
Spent: Break the Buying Obsession and Discover Your True Worth by Sally Palaian
Strong Women, Strong Love by Poonam Sharma
The Courage to Feel by Andrew Seubert
Facing into the Wind: A Mother's Healing After the Death of Her Child by Faith Fuller Wilcox
Filipino Cuisine: Recipes from the Islands by Gerry G. Gelle
Learning to Live, Laugh, And Love Again After the Death of an Adult Child by Janet Jaworski
Floods, Famines, and Emperors : El Nino and the Fate of Civilizations by Brian Fagan