Write Your Best: Writing Coaching Services Writing Coaching Services
"Cindy has the ability to be firm, accurate and truthful in an extremely supportive way."
-G. Cooper, author

"No one could have critiqued my latest book, Intimacy, Change, and Other Therapeutic Mysteries, with such inspiration, acumen and kindness. Cindy helped  bring out the best that I could do, and we had fun all the way through."
-David Treadway, author

"Cindy provides support, structure, and encouragement through her probing questions and affirming understanding of what it means to write."
-B. Dunn, Nebraska Writing Group

Rates for Writing Coaching

Individual Coaching  
Introductory Special, 2 sessions $75
Basic Package
6 sessions, no discount
Getting Started
12 sessions in 3 months, $125 discount
Diving for Pearls
24 sessions in 6 months, $205 discount
$1,995 in 2 payments of $997.50
Go for the Gold
1 year, 45 sessions, $450 discount
in 3 payments of $1,200
Pulitzer Level
Unlimited sessions in 1 year, priceless
$5000/year in 1 payment
Group Coaching
Individual clients receive 50% discount on group coaching

Writing Groups
Every other week, teaching, discussion, support

$240 per 6 sessions
Manuscript Critique Groups
1 and 1/2, hour once a month, read each others’ writing; give feedback
$400 per 6 months
Book Proposal Reviews
Includes 1 Phone Session with recommendations
Manuscript Reviews
Includes a written evaluation and recommendations