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Becoming a Writer:

How to Overcome Writer’s Block, Develop Your Creativity
and Enjoy Writing Your Book

" Thanks, Cindy, for your incredible support, for believing in me, and for knowing way before I did that I can write.  I'm grateful to you for showing me how to write and how to love writing.
                                    Betsy Bergquist, New Jersey

     Having trouble getting started on that writing project? You're not alone - most of us were never taught how to write properly, or worse, we 'learned' myths about writing that keep us from enjoying the experience. We think of it as work.  In fact, many people are so critical of their own writing that they find no pleasure in it at all. ...Sound Familiar?

Well you're in luck!

     Cindy Barrilleaux is a writing coach and editor with 25 years experience. As founder of Write Your Best, she has conducted hundreds of tele-seminars, classes and retreats for writers in all phases of their writing careers. And now she has put together a book based on one of her recent seminars.

So if you’re new to writing, or want to enjoy your writing and quiet your inner critic then this book is for you. You'll learn to overcome writers block, boost your creativity, and FINALLY... write that book. It's available as an immediate download for only $8.00. You can buy it here.


Table of Contents:

Introduction ________________________________________________p.3

Class One ________________________________________________p.4

            Fears that prevent people from writing

            Harmful use of imagination

            Not trusting oneself

            Social Convention

             Procrastination and discipline

            Myths about writing a book

            Writer's block

            Value of free writes and instructions


Class Two _______________________________________________p.15

            Free write prompt: Waiting

            The inner critique's harsh message

            Tools to identify and respond to them

            4 Steps to making peace with the inner critic

             Why you'd rather do anything but sit and write

             Free write prompts for the week and writing exercises


Class Three _______________________________________________p.24

            Mindfulness and writing

            4 Stages of writing

            Myths about writing

            Free write prompt: Ticket

            Free write prompts for the week


Class Four _______________________________________________p.31

            What makes a good writer

            Commonalities to good writing of nonfiction

            Wanting to be a writer?

            Writing practicalities

            Free write prompts for the week

            Q & A from former students




Some books by Cindy's Clients:

            The Courage to Feel, by Andrew Seubert

            Intimacy, Change, and Other Therapeutic Mysteries, by David Treadway

            Sisters of  Internment, by Gary Bigelow

            Facing into the Wind, by Faith Fuller Wilcox

            Filipino Cuisine, by Gerry G. Gelle



People who have worked with Cindy say:


"It has been so richly rewarding to work with Cindy. She not only 'gets' me, but she meets me where I'm at, helps me envision where I need to be, and keeps me on track as I go through the birthing pains for my book.  "  

                                   Flip Brown


" I've been working with Cindy for a year, and have accomplished so much more in that time than I ever could have managed on my own. Not only have I written and published several articles, but she has helped me to turn half-conscious ideas into a clearly articulated conceptual framework that is generating a lot of interest in my field and leading to offers to write and present. She is a joy to work with--professional, creative, supportive and funny.  The time and money I have invested in my work with Cindy have yielded enormous returns for me personally and for my business.
                                    Karen Chopra, Career Counselor

" I hired Cindy to help me write an article on my specialty in public speaking coaching. I wasn't sure how to craft it, and Cindy helped get the subject matter organized, kept me working, and gave me excellent suggestions. She taught me some principles of good writing that I still use. I have recommended her to colleagues, friends and clients. She is great to work with, knowing how to give constructive criticism and appreciate her clients' strengths.
                                    Nancy Cetlin, Ed.D.

" Since our first session, Cindy has facilitated a process that stretched and strengthened my writing skills. Her personalized coaching style helped me focus more on what I could do and not what I feared I could not accomplish. With her honest enthusiasm and proficient coaching my writing has become more clear, creative and organized.
                                    Maria Fleshood, Therapist

"It has been so richly rewarding to work with Cindy. She not only 'gets' me, but she meets me where I'm at, helps me envision where I need to be, and keeps me on track as I go through the birthing pains for my book.
                                   Flip Brown