Write Your Best

Editing and Writing Coaching by Cindy Barrilleaux

Case Studies: Don't Edit Out Your Voice 

by Cindy Barrilleaux

A writer recently asked me to review his proposal for a nonfiction book. He had already gotten help from an editor and friend who was published. 

I asked what he wanted to accomplish with the book, and then agreed to read his proposal. 

Knowing how passionate he was about his subject, I was surprised that his writing was flat and lifeless. Full of generalities and clichés... read more

How to Refill Your Creative Well 

by Cindy Barrilleaux

It’s easy to become so intent on writing your book, or revising your manuscript or working your book proposal that you get tunnel vision. You can feel your creativity and imagination dry up. Your writing becomes stale, your ideas predictable.  You need a change of perspective, to see the world and your writing through different glasses... read more

Get a Change of Scenery: 
Switch from Writing to Research 

by Cindy Barrilleaux

If you have stalled out on your writing project--fiction, nonfiction, book, or article--consider the possibility that more research will get you going again. Experts in their field gather backup material from other experts and outside sources for their nonfiction writing. Or, if you're writing about something from your own life, supporting material will add credence to your story... read more