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The Writing Help You're Looking For

You’re thinking about getting help with your article, book, dissertation, or book proposal. The first question is, can somebody help you?

Yes. I can help you, even if you aren’t sure what kind of help you need. Working together, we’ll draw from a wide variety of approaches, strategies, and techniques to meet your unique needs and personality.

For 25 years, I’ve worked with writers around the country as an editor and coach. What that means for you is that whatever the problem you’re struggling with, I’ve seen it before and I’ve helped other writers solve it.

You can use writing coaching to accomplish any writing goal, including:

overcoming writer’s block [more below]
• deciding your writing topic, genre, voice 
• have a sounding board for your ideas
organizing your material
• discovering strategies to fit writing into your life
• having a supportive accountability system
• sharpening your writing skills
• receiving professional feedback
• writing a powerful book proposal [more below]
receive a full manuscript review by a professional

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Free Yourself from Writer's Block

Have you got a great idea for a book or an article, but just can’t get it written? Have you started writing a dozen times, but quit because of writing anxiety? Are you discouraged about ever writing again?

If your answer to any of those questions is “Yes,” a writing block has you in a stranglehold. 

“There’s no such thing as writer’s block,” you say. “I just don’t have the self-discipline it takes to write.”  

People who claim that writing blocks aren’t real have never been crippled by one. They are real. They do stop writers in their tracks.
You need help so you can write again. An entrenched writing block is almost impossible to get through alone or with a book. It takes insight, knowledge, attention, and support.

As your writing coach, I will guide you out of your writing block. Together, we will discover its source, replace its lies with little-known truths about writing, and design user-friendly writing processes to prevent future blocks.  

Your writing block is real. Get help. Imagine the satisfaction you’ll feel when you can write freely, creatively, with confidence.

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Write a Persuasive Book Proposal

Book Proposals must meet strict standards of agents and publishers, and follow particular formats. They demand skill at writing concise, persuasive sales copy. With professional help, putting your proposal together and writing an effective query letter can be painless and efficient. back to top>>

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Energize Your Writing Group

Is your writing group floundering? Does it need energy and focus?

I coach writing groups on a bi-weekly or monthly basis, focusing on members’ writing projects and specific writing problems the group wants to pursue. I offer ideas and tips on a different writing topic each session, and lead brief, timed writing exercises. On occasion, I invite veteran writers to share their experiences and participate in Q & A’s. back to top>>

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Editing Services

I offer developmental editing, looking at the development and coherence of the ideas and persuasiveness of argument. I discuss recommended changes with the author in a follow-up telephone session. back to top>>

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What Others Are Saying

"I've published several books before, but working with Cindy was incredible.  It's like she was inside my mind, clearing away the clutter. She's gentle yet pushy--a remarkable combination. I’m a very satisfied customer."
-K. Lewis, author

"I am endlessly grateful to Cindy. She helped me finish writing a professional paper that I had not been able to complete for 12 years due to writer's block. She eased the way for me to do this surprisingly painlessly by giving me writing exercises, questions related to my project, and a great deal of encouraging interventions which dealt with my many overwhelming and inhibiting internal voices. Now I’ve finished the paper and it’s been accepted for publication. I feel ready to embark on other writing projects."
-V. Frankfeldt, therapist, author

"Incredible support for believing in me and knowing way before I did that i can write. My gratitude for showing me how to write and how to love writing by showing me your passion and by keeping everything in the positive "you can" mode.  For keeping me in my vision, always providing ways to turn discouragement into something positive and growthful,  but remembering one session you did let me vomit out my feelings, write about them so I could then at least get a glimpse of my resistance. Your sense of timing and knowing when that was appropriate and helpful was awesome. I sure found your writing advice helpful. I feel so much more productive!"
-C. Anderson, research scientist