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Editing and Writing Coaching by Cindy Barrilleaux

"I had published several books before, but working with Cindy was incredible.  It's like she was inside my mind, clearing away the clutter. She's gentle yet pushy--a remarkable combination. I’m a very satisfied customer."
-Karen Gail Lewis

“This book benefited tremendously from Cindy’s astute editorial judgment, feedback, suggestions, and encouragement. Working with her was a pure delight.”
-Carolyn Daitch

“I thank Cindy taking me from a shy, wanna-be, uncertain writer to a confident writer actualizing her dream. She has an intuitive sense about what I need, what the writing project needs, and how best to call it forth from me.”
-Judy Tiesel

"I accomplished so much more in the year I worked with Cindy than I ever could have managed on my own. Not only did I write and published several articles, but she helped me turn half-conscious ideas into a clearly articulated framework that is generating a lot of interest in my work and request for me to write and present. She is a joy to work with--professional, creative, supportive and funny." 
-Karen Chopra

Writing Coaching: Help to Keep You Writing

You may be thinking about getting help with your book, dissertation, or book proposal, but you aren’t sure what kind of help you need.  I can help you identify just the sort of help that will move you forward with your writing. 

Working together, we'll draw from a wide variety of approaches, strategies, and techniques to meet your unique needs and personality.

For 30 years, I've worked with writers around the country as an editor and writing coach. What that means for you is that whatever the problem you're struggling with, I've seen it before and I've helped writers solve it.

You can use writing coaching to accomplish your writing goals, by

  • deciding your writing topic, genre, voice
  • have a sounding board for your ideas
  • organizing your material
  • discovering strategies to fit writing into your life
  • having a supportive accountability system
  • sharpening your writing skills
  • receiving professional feedback
  • writing a powerful book proposal [more below]
  • having a full manuscript review by a professional

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Editing Services

As you are writing your project, you may find you need professional help developing your thoughts and presenting them in an organized way so that your writing is coherent and persuasive. As a developmental editor, I will help you clarify your ideas and develop a structure for your book. 

As you near the completion of your writing, I will help you turn limp writing into writing that shines, by creating clear transitions and choosing powerful words.

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Editing and Coaching Therapist-Writers—My Specialty

I have worked with experienced psychotherapists who want to write since 1985, when I was began as an editor for the Psychotherapy Networker. The result is that I have a broad knowledge of the field of psychotherapy, the theory and practice of major therapy approaches, and the distinctive strengths therapists bring to writing.

I enjoy working with therapists because, as a therapist, you already are an expert on

  • motivation
  • change
  • overcoming problems
  • getting unstuck
  • the value of relationship
  • the mind/body connection

I can help you apply to your writing project the principles of change and growth that are second nature to you.  In addition, I teach writing skills that you need and provide the motivation to overcome your doubts and difficulties.   

Relationship is a crucial ingredient of successful editing and writing coaching. As a therapist, you can take advantage of all that coaching offers. 

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Writing an Impressive Book Proposal

Book proposals are required by most publishers and literary agents.  They must meet strict standards and follow particular formats. Your proposal must show skill at writing concise, persuasive sales copy, which are different writing skills than those needed for your book.  I can help you put together a strong, persuasive, and appealing book proposal. If a book proposal you have already written is not getting the response you want, I can review it and point out any weaknesses may be the problem.

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Manuscript Reviews

Publishers, editors, and writing teachers will tell you that it’s never a good idea to submit a manuscript without having a professional look at it. It can insure that your book achieves your goals and leads to a positive response that leads to word of mouth marketing.

After a brief conversation with you about your audience and the goal of your book, I will read your manuscript. The review will consist of a written report of its strengths and any weaknesses.  Where necessary I will recommended concrete improvements.  I will send the report and follow it up with a phone conversation to discuss and clarify my report.

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